September 18, 2019
Frank Magliato

There are a number of valid reasons why Frank Magliato has so often been chosen to serve on so many company boards, but the main reason is is experience and his business savvy. it may surprise some that his favorite board membership is more philanthropic in nature, but it shouldn’t. He serves as a director with the Guardian Foundation, which supports improvements in the welfare and the health of Panamanian children by investing in better conditions and by offering grants to organizations in a position to help.

Frank Magliato has often shown himself to be capable and qualified to identify the most unique and profitable business opportunities available and to then work out the best deal with them. Just as important is his demonstrated ability to act on them at the most opportune time for each individual client. It seems apparent that Frank is able to see such opportunities from many angles, which is probably why he has a knack for making any situation work for whomever he is working for, even himself. The main reason he has been able to show such tendencies is because his experience has been extremely diverse, even as it has now stretched to more than 35 years by now. He can do anything, and often does.